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“Horsemanship: For Fun…For Life”®

At Diamond TR Ranch, our fundamental riding lessons focus on horsemanship so that students learn how to work with the horse both in and out of the saddle. Advanced riders have the opportunity to refine their skills by working with some of the nationally recognized clinicians who come to Diamond TR each year.

Fundamental lessons last approximately 45 minutes.  The first several lessons include learning to groom and tack the horse and may last a little longer.  The first lesson or two will be “ground-work only” while the student learns to handle the horse and learns the foundation of body movement required for correct movement in the saddle.  Even after the student is working under saddle, lessons may include ground-work at the discretion of the instructor.

Each student is paired with the appropriate lesson (or their own) horse based on both size and temperament.

Students learn to groom and tack the horse independently.  Before moving into the saddle, the lessons consist of the basics of controlling the horse from the ground.  Groundwork accomplishes several things: 1) establishes a relationship with the horse 2) deals with fears about the horse 3) teaches body work and control that will be used in the saddle.

Once in the saddle, a secure and balanced seat is taught using a bio-mechanics approach that utilizes knowledge of anatomy of the horse and rider.  The student is kept in-hand while learning about balance and the movement of the horse.  The student learns to control the horse using seat and leg aids rather than depending on reins.  Lessons may be done without full bridle (even for advanced students).  Bareback work and work without stirrups is also utilized.

Students advance at their own pace and develop skills based on independent goals (from trail-riding to dressage competition).

We are very proud to successfully teach both children and adults, ranging from complete novices to the returning rider in refining skills.  Due to the nature of our program, we are very successful in helping students overcome fears and/or bad experiences regarding riding and horses in general.

As students reach a certain level in their riding, they have the opportunity to join us on the trail to put into practice what they have learned in the arena.  We also take students to local and regional dressage competitions.   Students interested in the advanced show track should check about availability, minimum requirements, and current costs.

If you are interested in lessons or would like more information, please e-mail us.  We schedule times for prospective students and boarders to view our facility and lessons on Saturdays.


  • Please contact us for the most current rates and lesson package options.