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Over the years, we’ve had good and bad experiences when purchasing horses and tack.  Let us put our cumulative knowledge to work helping you find the right horse and the right equipment.

“Horse trading” is legendary for its deceptions and code words.  Too often, a rider purchases a ‘dream horse’ that turns into a nightmare.  Terms such as “kid broke” and “spirited” in advertisements may mask a serious underlying problem.  Sellers have been known to sedate a horse with drugs or starve it into weakness to give the appearance of a calm, gentle animal.  Drugs also can mask subtle problems that may later render the horse unusable for the rider’s intended discipline.  An experienced eye can often identify a swollen joint, short stride, or behavior that might signal such a problem.  Unidentified problems may later result in huge veterinarian bills or render the horse unridable.

Once you’ve purchased your dream horse, it is equally important to buy properly fitting tack appropriate for your riding style and level.  A saddle that is too tight causes pain to the horse and leads to behavior problems.  An improperly sized bit can pinch the horse’s sensitive lips.  Used tack may have defects that render it unsafe for riding.  And a rider simply may not fit the tack.  We can help you avoid these mistakes by measuring both you and your horse, letting you try out our wide range of styles and sizes, and advising you on purchases.  Our experience can save you frustration, hassles, and the expense of buying multiple saddles and bits until you find the right one.

Our staff hold certifications in equine appraisal and tack fitting, backed by years of experience dealing with equine and tack buyers and sellers.

We can also bring your new horse home for you.  Our staff has excellent skills in loading and transporting horses.