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Diamond TR Ranch has over 120 acres of pastures managed for horses. We believe that a varied diet of natural grass and forage combined with free access to temperature controlled water and room to naturally excercise with a herd is important to the overall health of boarded and owned horses at Diamond TR. Use of herbicides and pesticides is limited through the use of multispecies grazing in the pastures. This type of grazing not only benefits the pastures but also benefits the horses by breaking the life-cycle of horse specific stomach worms and parasites.

Water is provided through specially designed horse water fountains strategically located throughout the pastures. These fountains are fed through an extensive network of underground piping that maintains the water at a constant temperature throughout the year. That means, the water is cool for the horses in the summer and warmer for the horses in the summer.

We encourage all horses and ponies at Diamond TR to become part of a herd. Horses are naturally herd animals and tend to be happier when they are allowed to socialize in this setting. When a new horse is boarded at Diamond TR, we have a process that allows us to access the new animal and slowly integrate it with the correct herd.