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Caring for your horse like one of our own

  • Family atmosphere with a code of conduct for boarders, students and all guests
  • Calm, safe environment for you and your horse
  • Individual attention for your horse
  • Daily handling
  • We can schedule regular veterinary and farrier services for you
  • Veterinarian and farrier on call
  • Environmentally friendly insect control program


  • Beautiful nature-filled setting in foothills of Ouachita mountains
  • Trail privileges with 300 acres on ranch (mostly pastures, some wooded trails)
  • Access to Ouachita National Forest *
  • Large covered arena
  • Small covered arena
  • Outdoor arenas
  • Round-pen
  • Locked storage for saddles and equipment
  • Riders lounge
  • Classroom for workshops and clinics
  • Parking for trailers


At Diamond TR, we will care for your horse like one of our own.  In keeping with our philosophy of natural horsemanship, we individualize our feeding program to the needs of each horse.  Horses are fed their daily ration of grain in a private stall where they can eat at their own pace and enjoy a respite from the pressures of herd life.  Thus, a timid horse has time to enjoy its meal while an assertive horse receives no more than its scheduled portion of grain.  The amount of grain fed depends on the size, workload, and physiology of the horse.  We add supplements provided by the owner to the meal at no additional charge.  This daily handling gives us time to evaluate each horse’s health and well-being.  We minimize the use of chemical insecticides by maintaining flocks of free-ranging guinea fowl and bantam chickens.

Horses at Diamond TR spend most of their time in a pasture or paddock.  Horses are naturally herd animals, and most benefit from turn-out with other horses.  A new horse spends two to three weeks in a small pen near the barn so that we can evaluate its temperament and needs.  It is then blended into a herd by introducing it to a ‘buddy’ from one of the larger herds.  However, some horses need individual turn-out, and we have small turn-out pens to accommodate that need.

We believe that horses benefit from walking long distances while grazing on their choice of forage.  Our large pastures provide a healthy mix of grasses and plants. The variable terrain in the pastures provides the horses a natural ‘gym’ for exercise.  We practice multi-species grazing with other livestock on the ranch to encourage healthier pastures with minimal use of herbicides and pesticides.  Multi-species grazing offers the additional benefit of interrupting the life cycle of many internal parasites, thus decreasing the need for chemical wormers.  On days that you plan to ride, we will keep your horse near the barn if you call by 9 a.m. or schedule in advance.

No other facility in the area can match our trail access and arena availability.  Boarders are able to ride year round in our covered and open arenas and pastures.  You are welcome to use the arenas any time, including during lessons.  We also offer “boarders only” arena riding time and guided trail rides off property.  The trails that crisscross the Ranch offer varied terrain including water crossings, meadows, and hills.  Our Stagecoach Trail which follows a portion of an old wagon route provides access to the vistas of the Ouachita Mountain range.

Safety and security for horse and rider are of utmost importance.  We work hard to maintain a “horse-friendly”, rider-friendly environment.  The owners live on premise, and monitor the barns and pastures.  Our code of conduct encourages boarders, students, and guests to be aware of each other’s safety and wellbeing.