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One of my adult students playfully ‘complained’ about the kid students getting to have “all the fun” of a week devoted to horses. Even though the Student Camp is open to all students, she felt her needs and goals were too different from those of the younger students. “They make it look too easy.” And thus was born the idea for a camp devoted just to the needs of the adult rider.

It’s always in May so moms can send their kids off to school instead of finding a babysitter. Many campers ride their own horses, but we have lesson horses available for those who are still in the ‘dreaming’ stage of horse ownership.

Our daily activities are based on the needs of the campers, so we may discuss horse nutrition one day (by foraging in a pasture) and the art of getting a horse through a water obstacle the next. We include suppleness training for horses and riders. Each day is filled with laughter, discussions, and saddle time. Join us this year for a horse-focused vacation.

Ages 18-80+ accepted. Lots of fun and lots of learning. Western or English saddles – deposit required. Non Diamond TR campers welcome.

Registration form available online or at the barn.
You can download the registration form here: Camp Registration form

Please complete the following forms as well:

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